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For the past years I have been developing my work as a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist. I have been working as a Choreographer, a Dancer, a Painter, a Video Artist, an Artistic Director and a Teacher.  

I studied Visual Communication in Bezalel Academy of Art & Design Jerusalem and studied Contemporary Dance and Choreography in P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. The time of my studies in Bezalel and in P.A.R.T.S was a grate inspiration for my work as a choreographer.

 I do not separate the different disciplines. Dance often attracts me into Films and Painting. Watching a movie or an exhibition brings the next idea to dance. I often create simultaneously in several disciplines in the process of my dance projects or a new exhibition.  

The beginning of my creation, regularly, starts with an emotional image in my head. I imagine a picture, scenery or a movie shot, than I reduce it to clear concept. After a personal research of the concept, I start the process with the dancers in the studio, than starts an unpredicted journey. Trying to keep a flexible mind, I explore different structures of working with the dancers in the studio.  This creates a dialog, which is important for me and affects my work. For the past four years I started presenting my work in the gallery space, which makes the objects, paintings or movies I create speak for them selves without the presence of the body or the dancer. this disappearance of the body became my recent research.

The subjects of my work are existential subjects, reflections of my personal life and experience as a mother, and an Israeli.  

In the past years I collaborated with different artists such as Animators, Video Artists, Designers, Choreographers and Theater directors. Collaborating with the animator Osi Wald, I created the pieces: “Year Of The Hare”, “Between Walls”, “Day” and “Fold”. These works explore the relation between Dance and Animation. These had a major affect in the movement language of my work. An Animation sequence is built from many stills together, in one timeline, which creates an allusion of movement. I find the path or the gap between the frame and the animated movement fascinating. I also find a strong relation between the Sisyphean nature of the process making of animation and dance.

As a choreographer I created Films, Stage pieces, Site Specific works and Installations of Video and Dance and aiming to explore the boundaries of these Medias. 

Today I am a part of Alfred Gallery, a cooperative of ten artists in Tel - Aviv, working as a curator and artistic director of "Poalot in Alfred", a multidisciplinary art festival. As well I work as an artistic director of "Re-site" project , a site specific dance and art festival in the Arabic - Jewish center.








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