For the past years I have been developing my work as a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist. I have been working as a Choreographer, a Dancer, a Graphic Designer, Video & Stills Photographer and a Teacher.  

I studied Visual Communication in Bezalel Academy of Art & Design Jerusalem and studied Contemporary Dance and Choreography in P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. The time of my studies in Bezalel and in P.A.R.T.S was a grate inspiration for my work as a choreographer.

 I do not separate the different disciplines. Dance often attracts me into Art, Films and Design. Watching a movie or an exhibition brings the next idea to dance. I often create simultaneously in several disciplines in the process of my dance projects.  

The beginning of my creation, regularly, starts with an emotional image in my head. I imagine a picture, scenery or a movie shot, than I reduce it to clear concept. After a personal research of the concept, I start the process with the dancers in the studio, than starts an unpredicted journey. Trying to keep a flexible mind, I explore different structures of working with the dancers in the studio.  This creates a dialog, which is important for me and affects my work.

The subjects of my work are existential subjects, reflections of my personal life and experience as a mother, and an Israeli.  

In the past years I collaborated with different artists such as Animators, Video Artists, Designers, Choreographers and Theater directors. Collaborating with the animator Osi Wald, I created the pieces: “Year Of The Hare”, “Between Walls”, “Day” and “Fold”. These works explore the relation between Dance and Animation. These had a major affect in the movement language of my work. An Animation sequence is built from many stills together, in one timeline, which creates an allusion of movement. I find the path or the gap between the frame and the animated movement fascinating. I also find a strong relation between the Sisyphean nature of the process making of animation and dance.

As a choreographer I created Films, Stage pieces, Site Specific works and Installations of Video and Dance and aiming to explore the boundaries of these Medias. 











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