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 Video Dance

The film relates a dream about a family meal that takes place in a strange and estranged place. Gradually the dance and meal unveil complex and charged relationships, connecting between the familiar and repressed, identity and the blurring thereof within the family structure. The more charged the relations between family members become, the more their individual anxieties are foregrounded, symbolized by their transformation into crows.


Due to their black color, harsh caws, and affinity for feeding on carcasses, crows have long been associated with death and dark forces. At the same time, their high intelligence have made them symbols of wisdom in many cultures. In Norse mythology, for example, Odin, the god of knowledge and war, is supplied information about the world by a pair of ravens, Huginn and Muninn (thought and memory, respectively).


“Crows,” a film which was inspired by the dance piece “Karov,” which first premiered at the Curtain Up festival in 2013.


Duration: 19 min

Choreography, Art &  Film Direction : Efrat Rubin

Cinematography: Daniel Pakes
Dancers: Noa Shiloh, Shani Tamari, Adi Weinberg, Omer Uziel
Music: Yonatan Albalak
Editing: Sapir Ben-Hillel, Efrat Rubin, Osi Wald

Post Production: Jonathan Katzman

Sound Assistant: Gal Marga



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