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Dance & Video



Choreography and Design: Efrat Rubin

Performers: Elad Schnabel, Leah Wrobel, Menachem Roth, Asaf Setty, and Efrat Rubin.

Photography: Asaf Setty, Efrat Rubin and Oren Rubin

Music: Asaf Setty

Video: Efrat Rubin

Costumes: Carlina Shindler

Produced by Hazira Theatre 2005

PLAY is a dynamic work, a playground for adults. The story progresses with the process of its creation. First the cast and the content that they bring to the movement, then come the elements and topics that were brought to the studio: variations of improvisations , rapid writing, relating to the body as an object, negative space, top view, improvisational speech, variations on the phrase of movement, basic motor activities as possible material for creative movement.

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