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Year Of The Hare

Dance & Animation Performance

The performance is composed of four studies of boxes: a man in a cell-like room with a television, a woman trapped within the drawers of a cabinet, a TV astrologer drowning in photos and letters from his viewers, and an animator who manipulates miniature figures of the man, the woman and the astrologer inside a small box. All these elements are interspersed with animation and live dance on stage, on which the room, the cabinet, and the small box are situated.


"Let's imagine that everyone had a box and inside each box there was what we shall call a 'beetle'. No-one can ever observe the contents of another's box, yet everyone claims they know what a beetle is — merely from observing their own beetle." (Ludwig Wittgenstein, "Philosophical Investigations").



"Where do dance and animation meet? The creation of "The Year Of The Hare"" - Elad Smorazik, "Haaretz"

"A unique aesthetic and Barrier-Breaking piece" - Yuval Ben-Ami, "City Mouse"

"a significant, very accurate, statement" - Zvi Goren, "Ha'bama"


Duration: 50 Min

Corporation with the animator Osi Wald 

Choreography: Efrat Rubin 

Animation: Osi Wald

Performers and co-creators: Ofir Yudilevitch, Yuval Goldstein, Efrat Rubin, Efrat Levi & Osi Wald

 Music: Jonathan Albalak: 

Costumes and Set Design: Efrat Rubin & Osi Wald

SFX for animation: Yael Dakar

Set Execution: Yaron Salkin

Costume Execution: Amalia Grinfeld


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