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Between Walls

Site Specific

A site specific piece, combining dance, performance, animation and video.

Living in solitude. A man trapped in a small room with a television set. He invents new rituals to occupy his time while slowly his emotional state declining. The animation shows his dreams and thoughts of the “outside world”.

The piece takes place in a small black room of 2.20*2.20 meter with a small TV. A man is locked in the room, recorded by a security camera. The camera is connected to a monitor located outside the room. The two creators sit outside watching the monitor and changing the channels on the TV inside the room.
in each channel we see a different piece of animation. The animation describes different routines of the the man in a white box. Sometimes the man is larger than the box, squeezing inside it. at other times he in miniature, controlled by a huge finger.
In the black room, the man throws himself against the walls, undresses and dresses, and hangs on the ceiling like a cats. He tries to get out of the box, from the routine. He stares at the audience, seated inside the room, close to him.


Choreography: Efrat Rubin

Animation: Osi Wald

Dance: Ofir Yudilevitch


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