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Dance & Animation Performance

Collaboration with the animator Osi Wald

An interdisciplinary work combining dance, live music, video and animation. The performance is divided into five acts, each of which explores different musical structures and spatial compositions. Each act operates within its own independent system of laws.


On the stage are two musicians — guitarist Jonathan Albalak and percussionist Omri Rachum Twaig, two dancers — Noam Eron and Efrat Rubin, and a screen showing the video animation film which connects the other components.


Animation and Editing: Asenath (Osi) Wald

Video: Efrat Rubin and Asenath (Osi) Wald

Dancers: Noam Eron and Efrat Rubin

Music: Jonathan Albalak and Omri Rachum Twaig

Lighting Design: Iris Mualem


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