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Bed Reflections

Dance & Video Installation 


A Dance piece and video installation by Efrat Rubin.

Dancer is wallowing in her feelings and her thoughts in a search for well-being, while a personal diary is projected on the floor. It is a game between the choreographer and the creator of the diary in which the diary symbolizes a double bed, a private space of the body.  An intimate video installation in which the audience sits close to the dancer watching her moves in her emotional journey through day and night . At the end of the performance, the dancer invites a person from the audience to lie down next to her. The person puts his head on top of a pillow and hears a playback from the pillow of a woman's voice reading text about her private thoughts.


Subtitles in English can be added.

Length: 18 minutes

Dancer: Efrat Rubin / Efrat Levy / Einat Ganz

Video: Efrat Rubin

Diary: Michal Meier

Music: Yehu Yaron


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