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Day Video Dance

Animated Video Dance

Collaboration with the animator Osi Wald.

The work portrays the mental processes of a character who chooses to withdraw to her room and disconnect herself from everyday life. It is based on a novel by George Perec: "A Man Asleep".


The choreography is composed of simple motoric movements which have their origin in the existential experience of everyday life. Familiar patterns of existence are deconstructed into their numerous individual elements. The character dives out of the urban cacophony of sound, image and information, and into an intimate alternative universe outside of measurable time. All other stimulus becomes white noise buzzing from a screen which cuts the character off and shelters her from reality. But as the "sleeping" character disengages herself from reality, she reluctantly comprehends her fundamental need for structure and society.


Choreography & Dance: Efrat Rubin

Animation: Osi Wald

Music and Sound Effects: Jonathan Albalak

Set Design and Art Direction: Efrat Rubin and Asenath (Osi) Wald

Animation and Editing: Asenath (Osi) Wald

Lighting Design: Iris Mualem

Costume Design: Noa Sadeh


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